San Diego Memorial Skatepark

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memorial skatepark keyhole bowl

San Diego Memorial Skatepark

The San Diego Memorial Skateboard Park has a little something for everyone. The Park features a killer Old School Keyhole Pool, a spread out Snake Run, a smaller flow section with a Volcano and street course with some fun transition mixed in. Do It!

Hours of Operation / Fees if Applicable

Daily 10:00am to Dusk

Contact Information

702 S. 30th Street San Diego, California, United States 92113

Additional Information

Wearing a Helmet Is Enforced: Yes

Wearing Knee Pads is Enforced: Yes

Wearing Elbow Pads Is Enforced: Yes

Has Lights: No

Waiver Required?: No

Gated?: Yes

Surface Type: Concrete

Size: 20000 to 25000

Has a Pool?: Yes

Has a Vert Ramp?: No

Type of Park: Skatepark

Ownership: Public

Do I Have To Pay To Skate?: No

Type of Location: Outdoor


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San Diego Memorial Skatepark

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San Diego Memorial Skatepark


From Los Angeles:
I5 South to San Diego
Exit 28th St toward National Ave
Turn slight right onto 27th St
Turn Right on National Ave
Turn Left on 29th St
Turn Right on Marcy Ave
Skatepark is located in the
Dolores Magdaleno Memorial Recreation Center

San Diego Memorial Skatepark Description

The Memorial Skatepark features a 10' keyhole that is perfectly smooth with well set coping but lacks real pool tile. There is a metal band below the coping that is painted light blue and looks cool but lacks the clickity clack of real pool tile. Finally, a perfect keyhole in SoCal.

The skatepark also features a killer 90 ft snake-run. At the top of the run there is an 8' bowl which snakes down to smaller transitions with hips until you hit the end which is a 3' teardrop bowl. The challenge of the snake-run is the trip back through the run to the top bowl. It is doable but takes some legs. My only complaints about the snake-run is that it has too much flat bottom in some areas and it runs downhill from deep to shallow.

There is also a killer little clover/mini-combination bowl with a volcano in the middle of it at the front of the skatepark. This section makes for a good session and is a great place for beginners to learn how to carve and skate transition.

Street terrain features include an 8 stair with a rail in the middle, plenty of ledges, hubba ledges, and rails. As usual, most of the street terrain is leading into or a part of the reservoir section of the skatepark. The reservoir has some killer 3' to 6' trannys with one of the trannys at 7' with pool coping.

Bottom Line:
The Memorial Skatepark is a great all around skatepark. The concrete is relatively smooth, fast, and kinkless with metal coping all around with the exception of some pool block coping on a 7' 1/4 pipe in the reservoir section. The Memoial Skatepark is definately one the premiere skateparks in San Diego County. Road trip worthy, Yes. I have witnessed many seasoned veterans rip the entire skatepark and have seen its potential. Now it is your turn.

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